£25 Fruit & Veg Christmas Hamper


1kg Potatoes
1 Cauliflower
1 Cabbage
1/2 White Cabbage                                 1/2 Red Cabbage                                   1 Broccoli                                               1/2kg Carrots                                      200g Carrots Multicoloured Chantenay     1 Swede                                               500g Sprouts
2 Parsnips                                          1Lettuce
1 Cucumber
3 Salad Tomatoes
3 Peppers
3 Onions
Fresh Cranberries
3 Apples Braeburn
3 Pears Concorde
3 Satsumas
1 Lemon
Bunch Red Grapes
Bunch Bananas
200g Sweet Chestnuts


We’re taking orders up to 8th December. The online shop will close at 5pm that evening. Delivery will be 21st/22nd December.

£5 Deposit on ordering. Full payment required Monday 18th December